Self Protrait

Lowry Nakamura

I am a UI Designer and Photographer.

My Work

Image for Cook a responsive web app.

Cook – A responsive web app!

Cook was created using UX researching and testing methodology in order to create a recipe application that educates, informs and is easy to follow for any user.

Image for FM / AM, an 80s music app.

FM /AM– An 80s music app!

FM /AM was designed through competitor research and a user first approach in the design. My love of music also helped the aesthetic presented in this app, which is a contrast between the fun and playfulness of 1980s pop culture mixed with a futuristic Tronesque landscape.

Image for Museo, an 80s music app.

Museo– A virtual museum Guide!

Museo is a virtual museum companion that consists of guided audio tours, a virtual map, the ability to purchase tickets to the museum as well as access to the museums digitized collection of works.

Image for windmill animation.

CSS Animation

The Windmill Scene was a project learning about how CSS Animations work and how to be creative with them.