Banner image Museum app.

Museo is an easy to use museum app that provides a virtual experience to any museum visitor including tours, digital catalog and a virtual map.


Initially, after researching, I began to create user flows so I could have a good sense on how the user would navigate through the app. After this I created a Flow Diagram seen on the next page.

Flow diagram for museum app.

Drawing out ideas

I always start every visual design I create by drawing out my ideas before digitizing them. These examples became the foundation for the screens I would create. By drawing the screens first, I was able to prioritize my workflow and remove any initial flaws before I moved to a digital environment.

Lo Fi wireframes for museum app.

Digitizing for both iOS and Android

At this stage, I began digitizing my low fidelity wireframes by creating my mid fidelity wireframes for both Android and iOS versions of my app.

Mid Fi wireframes for museum app.

Figuring out the differences

One of the challenges I had while creating my mid fidelity wireframes was being able to recognize and understand the differences between Android and iOS. This process involved reading the design guideline documentation for both Material and iOS design as well as locating and implementing the necessary files and graphics for each platform.

Graphic for differences between iOS and Android for museum app.

Deciding what works

As I began to style my pages, one of the challenges I overcame was figuring out which screen was the right one for my design and vision. By having several options to choose from I was able to curate the which screen was best for my design.

Graphic for graphic variations for museum app.

Final selected iOS and Android screens

Final iOS screens for museum app. Final Android screens for museum app.