Banner image recipe app.

Cook is a responsive web app designed to provide the user with easy to follow recipes as well as educate them.


Initial interviews helped formulate the basis for the project direction as it gave me insights on how to go about desining the recipe app.

User research highlights

Identifying what the user was looking for based on initial interviews helped me evaluate and determine what the users were looking for in a recipe app.

  • A recipe conversion feature was the number one need.

  • Straight to the point recipes without fluff was the second goal/need.

  • All Participants were not fond of many existing recipe apps and sites number of ads as well as the overuse of narrative that can exist in many recipe apps/blogs.

User Personas

User personas were created from several interviews conducted. Based on the information gathered these represent what the prospective user desired out of the recipe app.

User Profiles

First profile for user profile. Second profile for user profile.
Graphic for user flows. Graphic for mvp objective.
Graphic for style guide.
Graphic for lo fi wireframes. Graphic for mid fi wireframes.
Graphic for final mobile screens.